Bankruptcy and insolvency

We regularly act for insolvency accountants and for creditors.

We look after all matters relating to insolvency, such as:

  1. Advising insolvency accountants on all insolvency legal issues;
  2. Advice on how to wind up a company that owes you money or commence bankruptcy proceedings against individuals;
  3. Drafting winding up notices (otherwise known as Statutory Demands);
  4. Attending court to obtain orders to wind up debtor companies;
  5. Drafting bankruptcy notices and creditors' petitions for individuals. 
  6. Attending court on applications to set aside Statutory Demands;
  7. Appointing liquidators;
  8. Advice to creditors who have received preference payment claims from liquidators; 
  9. Advising liquidators/bankruptcy trustees on selling land and other property -click here for further details

Because our offices are not located in the CBD our rates are substantially lower, often up to 20% lower, than most commercial law firms.

We take a realistic approach in helping clients, including insolvency accountants, by having a flexible attitude on payment of our fees.