Legal Advice on Leases

We provide legal advice to both lessors and lessees in relation to all maters involving leases.


It is important to seek legal advice from an experienced commercial lawyer before entering into a lease, so you know and understand the key terms and conditions contained in the lease. It can also reduce potential risks to you personally or your business at a later stage.  We also assist clients involved in all types of lease disputes whether as Lessor or Lessee.


Because our offices are not located in the CBD our rates are substantially lower, often up to 20% lower, than most commercial law firms.


In our experience sometimes clients shop around with quotes that we provide, which of course is their right.  We always tell clients, therefore, if they receive what they think is a better price they can forward it to us and we will match it.


Aherns Lawyers can provide advice and assistance with residential, commercial and retail leases.


Aherns Lawyers can assist you with:


  • Drafting a new lease;
  • Lease disputes resolution;
  • Reviewing a current lease;
  • Negotiation for the terms of the lease;
  • Assignment and subletting of premises;
  • Termination of the lease;
  • Advice on rent and rent review;
  • Default and breaches; and
  • Repair and maintenance.