Commercial Fraud

We have handled all criminal and civil matters relating to serious commercial and corporate crime and misappropriation of company property for 25 years.

The actions that we handle include representing clients who are the victims of fraud as well as those clients charged with fraud, forgery, theft by an officer and/or employee charges and insider trading.

We also provide legal advice and representation in relation to both civil and criminal proceedings involving any allegations of fraud against directors and employees as well as legal advice in relation to court action against directors and employees for breaches of directors' duties and breaches of employees' duties.

Advice of this nature can include allegations of theft of company property and intellectual property.  We have worked jointly with forensic IT experts in carrying out investigations leading to substantial Supreme Court litigation to recover damages.

We also provide legal advice to employers and employees in respect of forgery and theft allegations against officers and employees including embezzlement and theft and misuse of company records, intellectual property and client lists and computer databases.

We provide legal advice in respect of all share market transactions and allegations against brokers relating to mismanagement of clients' funds, fraud and forgery.


We can prepare a brief for and liaise with the fraud squad to expedite the investigation and prosecution of the relevant parties.


We advise our clients as to obtaining and preserving evidence that would be necessary for a successful fraud prosecution and on the legal requirements of the relevant offence.  We also provide advice in relation to other related legal obligations such as employee rights, requirements of confidentiality and defamation in investigating suspected fraud.  

We assist with all aspects of corporate criminal disputes including criminal prosecutions by ASIC and ATO, fraud, money laundering offences, breach of environmental regulations and other corporate and individual misconduct matters.  We draw on our depth of experience in dealing with regulatory investigations to achieve an optimal outcome for you.

We have often assisted directors facing severe penalties to negotiate with government authorities to achieve satisfactory outcomes for those directors.

Some law firms just can't walk the walk on costs. The more they jargon talk about client focus in their regular $20,000 full page business section ads that their clients end up paying for, the more clients should believe they should consider “premium legal services” offerings that are easily available elsewhere but are not costed only according to what it takes to pay massive overheads. 

Overheads are the only difference.  Because our offices are not located in the CBD our rates are substantially lower, often up to 20% lower, than most commercial law firms.