We look after all matters relating to liquidation and insolvency, such as:

  1. Advice on how to wind up a company that owes you money;
  2. Drafting winding up notices (otherwise known as Statutory Demands);
  3. Attending court on applications to set aside Statutory Demands;
  4. Appointing liquidators;
  5. Attending court to obtain orders to wind up debtor companies;
  6. Drafting bankruptcy notices and creditors' petitions for individuals.
  7. Advice to creditors who have received preference payment claims from liquidators.

Because our offices are not located in the CBD our rates are substantially lower, often up to 20% lower, than most commercial law firms.

In our experience sometimes clients shop around with quotes that we provide, which of course is their right.  We always tell clients, therefore, if they receive what they think is a better price they can forward it to us and we will match it.